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2019 Softball Registration Announced

2019 Softball Registration Announced

This summer we will host the 14th annual JCMSC in Washington Mills and we hope you can come celebrate with us! The date is Saturday, July 20th with a rain date of Sunday, July 21st. We are ready to accept applications for 16 teams and invite you to submit a team (fill out form online).

A $175 entry fee must be submitted with each application to request your spot. All monies from the tournament go directly to local scholarships in Joe’s name. Make checks payable to “Officer Joseph D. Corr Foundation”, a family run, 501c3, non-profit organization. First priority is given to police, fire, and other public service departments and may be limited to one team per organization. Second priority is given to teams who have previously played in and/or supported the tournament and/or Foundation. Third priority is given to teams who submit entry fees first.

Team Registration: If you would like to enter a team, please COMPLETELY fill out the form by June 21, 2019. Umpire Volunteer: If you would like to volunteer as an umpire, please fill out the form below by June 21, 2019. We will contact you after the deadline to finalize teams and schedules. If you have any questions you can contact us.



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